Manifest your healing intentions with Semita where every piece tells a story, and every story is uniquely yours.


  • handcrafted

    with love and intention

  • Perfect gift

    for your loved ones


    for accidental breakage

  • shipment

    only in USA


I bought this healing bracelet as a gift for my mom. It has the perfect gift box as it is. Became an instant favourite for her. I loved the natural and vibrant colours of the gemstones. The bracelet string is adjustable and looks very sturdy. I also really loved the local story behind it- which empowers local women in Turkey to hand craft the bracelets. Cannot wait to buy myself one as well!

Amber H.

The bracelet came in wonderfully elegant packaging. Once I put it on it was light weight and easy to adjust the size. Shipping was also very quick, got it within 24 hours. Highly recommend.

James Givens

This is the 3rd bracelet I’ve purchased from this brand and I plan to stack them on my right wrist. Perfect for smaller wrists, and very easy to adjust by pulling the beads apart, then pulling the 2 strings away from each other. The ends do not hang as low as some other brands, so won’t get in the way of computer work or other activities. The garnet, carnelian, and red jasper stones are beautiful and smooth. The packaging is perfection in an elegant gift box, with a drawstring bag. A worry stone is included in each box, with a card about its properties. Perfect as a gift or for yourself.

Susan P.

These are very well-made bracelets, constructed from strong woven materials. The closures stay secure once adjusted and will last for a long time. These are far superior to the elastic beaded bracelets that sag, droop, and eventually break over time.
The packaging was thought out with care and included an additional stone with each bracelet which was unique. Both the bracelet and stone included cards explaining their meaning and more information.

I ordered a set of three and have worn them together everyday. They are comfortable and high quality.

Nicole Raine

This is such a nice bracelet. The packaging is very elegant. The craftmanship is superior. The bead size is comfortable on the wrist. It doesn’t interfere when moving the hand around on the desk. I am very, very pleased. I am going to learn more about how crystals and stones can enhance our well being and vitality. It is very interesting the way the stones can be recharged in the full moonlight. We’re never too 9ld to learn.

Jim C.

This is a gorgeous piece, with the look and feel of quality made jewelry. The necklace is solid and somewhat weighty, but also very comfortable. I could literally feel the power of the stones as I wore it! The colors in this necklace are black, brown, green, and copper. I love the sinch sizing. I wish it sinched a bit more as I prefer more of a choker style necklace. This is a piece I will wear and love.

A. Lucas