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Renewal Bracelet

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Embark on a transformative journey of renewal and revitalization with our Renewal bracelet, infused with the rejuvenating energies of Pyrite, Garnet, and Sunstone.

Pyrite: As the stone of vitality and energy, Pyrite ignites the spark of renewal within. Its golden hues symbolize the sun's radiant warmth, infusing you with strength and determination as you embark on your journey of self-discovery. Pyrite's dynamic energy revitalizes your spirit, empowering you to embrace change and pursue new beginnings with confidence and enthusiasm.

Garnet: With its deep crimson tones, Garnet embodies the essence of renewal and regeneration. It stimulates the flow of energy throughout the body, revitalizing your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Garnet's grounding presence helps you release old patterns and embrace the opportunities that lie ahead, allowing you to step into a brighter, more vibrant future.

Sunstone: Radiating with the golden glow of the sun, Sunstone symbolizes the promise of a new day. Its warm energy uplifts your spirits and fills you with optimism and hope. Sunstone's rejuvenating vibrations infuse you with vitality and vitality, awakening your senses to the endless possibilities that await you on your journey of renewal.

Together, the dynamic trio of Pyrite, Garnet, and Sunstone creates a powerful synergy of renewal and transformation. Wear the Renewal bracelet as a reminder that every ending is a new beginning, and that you have the power to reinvent yourself and create the life you desire.

Size & Fit

Our Renewal bracelet is designed with an adjustable fit, accommodating wrist sizes from 6" to 7.5". We recommend measuring your wrist before purchasing to ensure the perfect fit.


Our Renewal bracelet is thoughtfully crafted with a blend of Pyrite, Sun Stone, Garnet stones, and pearl, complemented by elegant brass beads. The piece is secured with a high-quality stainless steel lobster clasp and an extension chain for adjustable sizing. Both brass beads and stainless steel materials are 14k gold filled.

The use of stainless steel for the lobster clasp ensures durability and resistance to rust, tarnishing, and corrosion. This hypoallergenic material is perfect for sensitive skin, providing comfort and longevity to your cherished jewelry.

Due to the natural variations of gemstones, the appearance may differ slightly from the product image, highlighting the individuality of each stone—just like you.

Care Instructions

To keep your bracelet looking beautiful:

Store them in a soft pouch, away from sunlight.

Wipe gently with a dry cloth after wearing.

Avoid water, perfumes, lotions, and alcohol-based products.

Handle with care, especially when adjusting.

Repair and Maintenance

Should your bracelet require repair or if you notice any damage, please contact our customer service - - for assistance. We will be happy to ensure your bracelet remains a cherished part of your collection.

We encourage responsible care and maintenance of your jewelry to not only preserve its beauty but also minimize environmental impact. By following these care instructions, you contribute to the longevity and sustainability of your cherished piece.

    Renewal Bracelet
    Renewal Bracelet
    Renewal Bracelet
    Renewal Bracelet
    Renewal Bracelet
    Renewal Bracelet
    Renewal Bracelet
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