Aquamarine blue lace agate amazonite blue healing natural gemstone bracelet
Benefits of blue lace agate aquamarine and amazonite bracelet
Balance bracelet gift box
Handmade adjustable bracelet
Girl wearing balance bracelet
Girl lighting candle with balance bracelet
men touching tree with balance bracelet

Balance Bracelet

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Balance Bracelet is made of Aquamarine, Blue Lace Agate and Amazonite. It is synergistically combined to amplify your mindfulness and presence in the moment. Your mind and body resonates with Balance Bracelet to give you a soothing and peaceful mental state. Let this Balance Bracelet alleviate stress in your life. Hematite stone is placed carefully to balance your aura and align chakras.

Highly resistand jewelry for various occasions thanks to its strong string material and elaborately selected high quality natural gemstone beads which are unique due to its nature. Hence, uniqueness of gemstones reflect their owners uniqueness.

Ideal gift as it comes in a hand tailored pouch protected by a high quality present box.

Handcrafted by persevering women who earn their livings through her craftsmanship.